Styling 101: Poster Putty

Poster Putty is a must in every stylists kit.  It’s most commonly used to:

I use putty to keep framed artwork level.  Place a small blob on the back, bottom corners of the frame, level the frame, then gently press the bottom corners against the wall to securing the artwork into the putty.  Your framed images will remain level and secure on your gallery walls.
For quick fixes on set, I have used putty as earring backs, ring sizers, floral foam, and vase and bowl filler.

I use white
Scotch Adhesive Putty  85% of the time.  It is moderately adhesive and easily removable from surfaces and objects.  I also like that the putty is white because it reflects white instead of blue on shiny, reflective surfaces.Elmer’s Blue Poster Tack is stickier and firmer than the Scotch white putty.  I use the blue putty when working with heavier props that require a firm hold.   This putty is more difficult  to remove from textured surfaces and objects so be sure to do test the object or surface you will be applying the putty.

Museum Gel is a clear gel adhesive for translucent and semi-transparent objects like crystal or glassware.  It is not as sticky as the putty adhesives.  This product is packaged in twist top lid and lasts quite a while as long as you keep it clean and properly sealed.

In extreme temperatures, putty will melt into a big mess in your kit.  I use a small, metal tin to keep putty moist, clean, and contained.


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