12 Ways To Achieve The Very Best Glamour Shot


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12 Ways To Achieve The Very Best Glamour Shot from BuzzFeed. These are KILLING me!  Whitney Jefferson’s original post has 65 glorious Glamour Shots illustrating the science behind the 90’s Glam-Cam.   From her collection, I included one portrait per tip … Continue reading

Production Rant: Bad Beans Spoil Crew Brew

Crew members with high maintenance coffee orders are killing me!

 You know who you are, ordering a grande soy, half-caff, light foam, blended, salted, whipped caramel FLOPP-IATO served in Vente cup…blah blah blah.  And when your order returns with sprinkles NOT chocolate syrup lovingly drizzled over the non-dairy whipped topping you complain that your coffee is ALWAYS wrong.  COME ON!!!!  Your coffee is always wrong because your order novella complicates things.  Maybe you need to be reminded that producers will swiftly put the kibosh on ANY production complications; it’s their job!  I don’t want to see a few bad beans ruin the afternoon crew brew ritual, so please, I am begging:


While I’m on my soapbox, how about showing a little appreciation to the people kind enough to bring you coffee.  A simple THANK YOU goes a long way.

★ crew only rant. clients and above the line production peeps please ignore. ★

Recent Work for Publix


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Project: Publix Sunday DInners Agency: Matlock Brief: Celebrity Chefs share signature recipes for special occasions. Wardrobe, props, and menu support the occasion as well as reflect the chefs’ personal style, design aesthetics, and flavor. Photographer: Scott Lowden Wardrobe + Props: ME! Courtney Watkins … Continue reading

An Hermes Leica? SHUT UP!!!

Ryan Stevens just posted this stunning camera on his blog, theryanstevens.com.
The New Leica M9-P Edition Hermes

Leica presents us with the new limited edition Leica M9-P, the special feature of this camera is the“Veau Swift” calfskin leather brought to you by Hermes. Not only is this beautiful leather on the camera but also is on the shoulder strap providing for an elegant yet futuristic vibe. You’re able to purchase this camera in two different sets with either one lens or three. The first wave of camera’s are available June 2012 in a limited set of 300 units. Following this will be another very special set released shortly after in July. The purpose of the unique combination is to celebrate the friendship and collaboration between Jean-Louis Dumas, the former president of Hermès, who passed away in May 2010 and Leica Camera AG. This camera will be set at the special edition number of 100 making it a hot commodity and quite pricy as well, I mean after all it’s a Leica camera were speaking of here! This beautiful camera does come with a special edition Hermes bag, available as strictly apart of the release, though options are available at the Leica store for customizations or special orders. Enjoy this beautiful camera made by one of the greatest camera making companies we’ve ever encountered and inspired by one of the greatest designers that’s ever lived.

thank you for posting this camera, ryan stevens